I love working in the studio. It combines art and science to make good recordings. And above all, it is a collaborative process, and this to me, is the essence of making good music.

I have had the good fortune of working with some terrific musicians and have produced several albums of music, alongside my own music.

First, I have produced all of the Vince Berman Trio albums and the single "If I Could Buy You a Coke".

I have also produced the music of my late friend Richard del Val. He was a brilliant guitarist and songwriter with a beautiful voice who left us much too soon. Please listen.

Ashley Feller is a talented songwriter and I was lucky to produce her 2017 album Old Blue: Rage Against the Machine as well as perform as a background singer and as a drummer.

Paul McAuliffe is a talented and unique musician who plays all the instruments on his 2018 album Earth Dance. I loved working on this album and I especially loved mixing these instruments.